About me



I write because, I read because…

I’m Louise (occcasionally called Lou or even Weezie…) and I’m a book worm. I live in Oxford, I’m a vegetarian and I’m a qualified lawyer who now works in publishing.

I like to day dream of far away worlds and friends I’ll only ever meet through pages. My book shelves are chock-a-block and my prized possessions are now spilling onto my floor and any available surfaces.

I read and write because, quite simply, I love to. Laini Taylor, one of one of my favourite authors puts it best –

‘I write because, as wonderful as life is – and it is truly wonderful – it isn’t enough. It does not, for example, contain dragons. I find this unsatisfactory. So I read. And I write.’

‘I write because, I read because’ is a way for me to share my thoughts on books that I’ve read, from the classics to contemporary novels. I have a penchant for fantasy/folklore, historical fiction and crime – but I love to be suprised by something I wouldn’t usually pick up, especially when I then can’t put it down.

My favourite books

  1. The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller
  2. Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Laini Taylor
  3. Life After Life – Kate Atkinson
  4. Circe – Madeline Miller
  5. The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine


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